Martial Arts

currently hold the rank of 3rd dan in Yongmudo Hapkido and I teach at Temple University Yongmudo Hapkido (see also Temple Hapkido's facebook group).

Yongmudo Hapkido is a Korean self-defense oriented martial art. We incorporate kicks, strikes, blocks, falls, rolls, throws, joint locks, grab defenses, and groundwork into a modern adaptable self-defense system.  In the USA, our style is headed by the Yongmudo club at Berkeley

I have also cross-trained with Aikido, Aikibudo, Jujitsu, and Judo clubs.

Pictures from my Yongmudo Hapkido 3rd dan test (July 2014, Temple University):

Pictures from my Yongmudo Hapkido 2nd dan test (Dec. 2011, UC Berkeley):

Pictures from my Yongmudo Hapkido 1st dan test (May 2009, UC Berkeley):