I received my Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2015.
I also have a M.A. in Computational Linguistics from Brandeis University (2009) and a B.A. in Linguistics from Harvard (2007).

My specialty is phonology, morphology, and the morphology-phonology interface.
I also do experimental work (both psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic) on processing of words and lexicality in general.

Download my CV: Shwayder.CV.May2018.pdf
            (non-academic resume: Shwayder.Resume.Apr2018.pdf)


2015   Shwayder, Kobey. “Words and Subwords: Phonology in a Piece-Based Syntactic Morphology.” Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania. Committee: David Embick, Eugene Buckley, Rolf Noyer.

(in press)   Embick, David, and Kobey Shwayder. “Deriving morphophonological (mis)applications.” In Petrosino, Roberto, Pietro Cerrone, and Harry van der Hulst (eds.) From Sounds to Structures: Beyond the veil of Maya. De Gruyter Mouton.

Peer Reviewed
(in rev.)    Shwayder, Kobey. “Morphophonological Rules and Readjustments: A case study in German umlaut.” Submitted to Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics

(in rev.)    Shwayder, Kobey. “Contextually Determined Affixation of Clitics.” Submitted to Morphology.

2017      Shwayder, Kobey. “Morphosyntactic Interleaving in Vietnamese and Pacoh.” PWPL 23.1

2015      Shwayder, Kobey. “Word Level Recursion in Spanish Compounds”. PWPL 21.1

2014      Shwayder, Kobey, and Brittany McLaughlin. “The morphophonology of African American Vernacular English copula contraction: The case of i’s, tha’s, and wha’s.” Proceedings of the 44th Meeting of the North-Eastern Linguistic Society (NELS 44).

2014      Shwayder, Kobey. “Morphosyntactic Structure of Phonological Words.” Supplemental Proceedings of the Annual Meeting on Phonology 2013

2014      Shwayder, Kobey. “Interaction of Phonology and Morphology in Maltese and Makassarese Clitics.” PWPL 20.1

2014      Prichard, Hilary, and Kobey Shwayder. “Against a split phonology of Michif.” PWPL 20.1

2009      Shwayder, Kobey. “
The Best Binary Split Algorithm: A deterministic method for dividing vowel inventories into contrastive distinctive features.” M.A. thesis, Language and Linguistics Program, Brandeis University.

2007      Shwayder, Kobey. “A study of productivity and variation in Icelandic u-umlaut.” A.B. honors thesis, Department of Linguistics, Harvard College.

Selected Conference Presentations

2014      Shwayder, Kobey, Soohyun Kwon, and Brittany McLaughlin. “Cyclic Degrading: Strict Cyclicity Meets Variable Rules.”  Presented at NWAV 43.

2014      Shwayder, Kobey. “Against grammatical word–phonological word asymmetries in Japanese.” Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of Phonology 2014.

2014      McLaughlin, Brittany, and Kobey Shwayder. “Counting the ‘don’t count’ forms: allomorphy in AAVE copula.” Presented at the PLC 38.

2013      Shwayder, Kobey. “Exponent-driven Stem Level, Structural Word Level.” Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of Phonology 2013.

2013      Bacovcin, Hezekiah Akiva, and Kobey Shwayder. “A theoretically informed morphological learner.” Poster presented at the Mid-Atlantic Student Colloquium on Speech, Language and Learning (MASC-SLL).

2012      Shwayder, Kobey. “Linear and Templatic Exponents of the Functional Head in Modern Hebrew Nouns.”  Poster presented at Workshop on the Representation and Selection of Exponents (WoRSE).

2012      Shwayder, Kobey. “The underlying representation of the root in Modern Hebrew: evidence from stress and vowel-deletion.”  Presented at North American Conference on Afroasiatic Languages (NACAL).